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Quelques mots en anglais et vous pouvez également y retrouver les épisodes de Rox en France : les vidéos en ma possession sont visibles sur Youtube et sur mon compte Facebook (ainsi que les articles de presse parus en France).
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Some words in English I used to write everything in English and French... Now there are so many great sites in English, so I don't think it's useful to add another one. For many years now I've been a Rox fan and I was always sad not being able to share my love for them with other French speaking people.

Anyway, this site is about Rox and France (and yes there are people here who love you) ! So here's a short bio with some milestones about their relationship with France and some stuff released in French.

fb  I wanted to share the few "french" vidoes I've got on youtube and also on Facebook ; as well as the stuff published. Feel free to post on it too.

Roxette stuff to read...

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History in progress...

Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle met in the late 70's. They shared the same rehearsal studio, with their respective bands: MaMa's Barn (Marie) and Gyllene Tider (Per). They became friends and supported each other's career, until 1986, when they decided to form the duo Roxette (the name came from a Dr Feelgood single).
Their first single, "Neverending Love", as well as d by EMI France - Pathé Marconi.
1989 The Look is in the French charts, but it only made it til n°12...
Look Sharp ! Live - Tour : concert in Pir international breakthrough, as well as their first Number 1 in the USA. Followed by "Listen to your heart", second Number 1. "It ! They then toured throughout the world with the Joyride World Toome French magazines related that It must have been love is on the Pretty Woman soundtrack...

1991 Promo tour, TV shows : Sacrée Soirée (TF1), Sébastien c'est fou (TF1), Avis de recherche (TF1)... Joyride isn't selling well
Joyride - Tour : show canceled (6.11.91)

1992 Joyride Summer - Tour : concert in Paris, at Le Zénith, 29.06.92. But before arriving in Paris, they were caught in traffic jams (French truck drivers were striking)...

In 1992, they released "Tourism", with songs recorded in studios, hotelrooms or live. "How do you do", became once again a big hit. Followed by "Almost Unreal" (Super Mario Bros soundtrack, 1993, the movie was a flop, but the song a great hit). The same year they did the MTV Unplugged concert, which was very successful and showed everyone that Roxette are also able to play their songs acoustic !

Finally, the long awaited studio album "Crash! Boom! Bang!" was released in 1994, and was followed by the Crash! Boom! Bang! World-Tour, with some historic concerts, in Beijing, Moscow...
In France Crash! Boom! Bang! Is released later as in the rest of Europe, as well as the first single, Sleeping in my car which became N°20 in the radio FM charts Promo tour, TV shows : Dimanche Martin (France2), La fièvre de l'Après-Midi (France3). Once again the album isn't selling well.
No Crash! Boom! Bang! - Tour in France. No further single is released either.

For most of fans' joy, they released their first Greatest Hits album in 1996, "Don't bore us - get to the chorus!", which contains most of their smash hits... Don't bore us - Get to the Chorus is released, but no single nor video in France

The 27th of October '97, they re-released their first album, "Pearls of Passion", which also includes several remixes or demo songs. It's really worth to buy it, if you wanna know how their first songs sounded.

In 1999 Roxette is finally back !!! The so long awaited album was released in February, a good one, but not as successful as expected. Anyway, Room Service came out in 2001 and Per & Marie decided to tour with this album. The following year, they released a new greatest hits album, in two parts : first there was the Ballad Hits and then the Pop Hits...

Midem in Cannes, but nothing on French TVs...

Have A Nice Day is released (30.02.99), and Wish I could Fly is out the 19.04.99. Promo tour in France : recording of TV shows (Vivement Dimanche - France 2, Hit-Machine - M6), interviews on radios (Europe 1) and TV (TF1)...*

Room Service is released (02.04.01) and The Centre Of The Heart is the first single... According to EMI France Roxette is top priority, so that's new !!! But no promotion in France, nor a show for the Room-Service tour.

2002 The Ballad Hits and The Pop Hits are released, but that's just it ! Some newspapers (L'Alsace) and radio stations (Europe 1) related the fact the Marie got ill...

2003 saw the comeback of Per as a solo artist, with a new album called Mazarin. The success is immediate in Sweden and he also went touring through Scandinavia... The following year, he released new stuff with his former band, Gyllene Tider called Finn Fem Fell and went on tour again. Marie also released a solo album in English called The Change.

2005 saw again a new Per project, this time called Son of a Plumber : a double CD with songs sounding like music from the sixties - seventies. The album got a great reception from the press.

Again at the beginning of 2006, Marie surprised everyone with a new CD in Swedish, Min Bäste Vän, only cover songs. But 2006, is also Roxette's 20th birthday, so Per and Marie are back in studio to record two new songs. A new Greatest Hits CD will be released in fall as well as the long awaited Rox Box, with unreleased songs, videos and the MTV Unplugged show.

In 2009, Per went back on a solo tour, The Party Crasher tour and Marie joined him on stage in Amsterdam and together (for a very long time) they performed live... The same year, Roxette was back and this for the Night of a Proms tour (finally), they played their biggest hits. The following year they made a small tour (10 shows) in Scandinavia and Russia, whith full length shows.

In 2011, they released Charm School and the hit single She's got nothing on (but the radio) and started their neverending world tour : Europe, Asia, Australia, Eastern countries... During this tour they recorded a new album (2-rism, as a working title) : Travelling with brand new songs, other recorded in different versions... released in early 2012. 2013 : one show in Switzerland, Marie in the studio, Per on tour with Gyllene Tider...

in 2014, Marie's doing her solo tour during Spring and at the end of April, Rox announced a new world tour beginning in Russia at the end of the year.

And they came back twenty years later to play in Paris at L'Olympia. Oh what a night, a dream came true !

The beginning of 2016 was contrasted : their 10th studio album was to be released, called Good Karma and some days later they announced the end of the touring days and had to cancel the Summer Tour due to Marie's health. But the Rox days aren't over, for now we've got 11 new songs to enjoy !